in Pommern

Martin Sohn

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"I highly recommend Martin Sohn for your genealogical needs in the Pommern area of Germany.  I have utilized his services over the past 2 years and find him to be thorough in his research work.  I especially
appreciate his attention to detail and  knowledge of German genealogical research procedures."

A.Boyd Nielsen
Brigham City, Utah, USA

"I have visited Martin in Germany three times. He is very knowledgeable of the available church records in the counties of Greifswald, Anklam and Demmin where I have done my Pommeranian research. Martin is well acquainted with many of the pastors or mitarbeiters at the various churches. I have sat down with Martin and we have read through the old churchbooks together on many occasions. He is very adept in deciphering the old German script in those church books. Martin has also tried hard to make the costs to me as reasonable and fair as possible for his time and effort.

Cliff Schultz
Palatine, Illinois, USA

"Due to your dilligence and efforts, my Otto ancestors were determined and were found to my surprise within Kreis Anklam. Your efforts also corrected my Heiden line and introduced me to my Bannatz ancestors. I find your charges to be reasonable and your work thorough. Here in Illinois, I have recommended your services to other needing searches in Vorpommern."

Ron Otto
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

"Martin Sohn's genealogy research is most thorough.  We have enjoyed working with him over the last couple of years and are very pleased with his dependability, his resourcefulness, and his work ethic.  We were delighted with the digital photos he sent of the various church records, too!  If it had not been for Martin, we would never have been able to find my husband's ancestral villages in what used to be Pomerania.  Being able to visit those areas and "walk the land" has greatly enriched our understanding of our family's heritage, and was an experience we will never forget.  We recommend Martin without reservation to anyone looking for family roots in this part of Germany."

Patti Schacht
Bonita Springs, Florida, USA

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