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Martin Sohn

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"Almost nothing was known about my paternal grandmother’s ancestors, where they came from or who they were. With only a few facts to start from, Martin came back with some surprising results which I had never imagined it possible to find. I am most indebted to him for this valuable information. Martin is painstaking and throrough in his research and reporting, including digital photos of all parish records, and reproducing the texts into clear English. Lastly, his charges are always very detailed and reasonable overall. I strongly recommend his services to anyone seeking more information about their ancestors from the Vorpommern region of Germany."

Daniel Greenfield
Asheville, North Carolina
March 2020

"In my family genealogy research, Martin Sohn has been an invaluable resource. Martin's research efforts found my great grandmother's exact ancestral village in Pomerania. In addition, his research gave clarity, context and confirmation to all my great grandfather's family tree in Mecklenburg. On a visit this past September, Martin acted as not only our genealogist but guide and translator as well. His work was superb. He arrived with a plan for the day, made arrangements with church key keepers ahead of time and never hesitated to make local inquiries which might lead us to living relatives. His efforts and knowledge truly helped us understand our relatives lives and the times prior to emigrating to America. For any person wanting genealogy research on relatives from Mecklenburg or Pomerania, don't hesitate to use Martin's services."

Bill Voight
Wisconsin, USA

"I have used Martin’s services to assist me in my genealogy research for many years now, and I do not hesitate to recommend him to others any chance that I get.  He is very conscientious and dependable in the work that he does, meaning that you can trust that his response is both accurate and complete.  Martin is also very knowledgeable in Pommern history, and is familiar with research at the various archives – Greifswald, Stettin, etc.  He does travel into Pommern (Poland) for research there also.  He will send you your results via email, in English if you wish, and I believe that his charges are very reasonable. He has twice even acted as our tour guide for genealogy visits to Pomerania – the last being in August of 2007.

Note:  Martin lives in Burow, Kreis Demmin (VorPommern).  Many of the VorPommern records have not been filmed, but are still available in the local church parishes.  Martin has a working relationship with most of the parish Pastors and has research access to these records – many of them going back to the early 1700’s."

Warren Wolf
McCormick, Soutth Carolina, USA

"Mr. Martin Sohn was recommended to me by Mrs. Joyce Gardner from Minnesota. I have been more than happy with his professionalism, courtesy and effectiveness. My ancestor knowledge in and around Stralsund, Greifswald, Wolgast and Anklam has dramatically expanded thanks to him. Not only did he send complete family data including all siblings and digital record photographs, Mr. Sohn also provided me with books and other historical documents in relation with my ancestors, up to the 1600's. I also appreciated his reasonable fees and easy bill settlement using PayPal. In turn, I can but warmly recommend Mr Sohn's invaluable services to anyone searching for his family roots in Northeast Germany."

Michel Stermann
Paris, France

"I highly recommend Martin Sohn. He helped me greatly. He provided me digital photos, English translations, and outlines. He also suggested family relationships based on occupation and proximity where direct details were missing in the parish records. He is friendly, organized, and detail oriented. Martin is simply the best!"

John Ozment
Hayward, CA, USA
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  • Pomerania
    (German and Polish parts)
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  • Brandenburg
  • East- and Westprussia
  • other regions on request
Prices are on an hourly basis. Traveling expenses and fees for archive usage are being charged extra. Please contact me for a cost estimation for a research for you.