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Genealogy Services
in Pomerania

Martin Sohn

Here is a list of the services I'm offering to my customers. If you need any other help with related topics, please feel free to contact me.

Ancestor research Personal data (such as birth, marriage, and death information) for each individual ancestor.  I will also try to find out information about where they lived, where they emigrated to, what their profession was and how they died. Main sources are the church books at church administrative offices, various archives in Germany and Poland, and the records of the LDS.
Locating heirs Finding out who are the legal heirs and beneficiaries of a given person.
Transcriptions Translation of texts and documents written in old German script
Copies and Photos Where allowed, I can make photocopies of documents and church book extracts.  Furthermore, I can go to the towns and villages where your family lived and take photos, so that you can get an impression of these places and the surrounding area.
Tour planing and guiding If you are planing a trip to visit the places where your ancestors once lived, I can give you assistance, e.g. planing a tour, making reservations and arranging appointments to visit churches and  church offices. Furthermore, I can guide you and take you around to the places of interest, tell you about the history of the region and do translations for you.

  • Pomerania
    (German and Polish parts)
  • Mecklenburg
  • Brandenburg
  • East- and Westprussia
  • other regions on request
Prices are charged on an hourly basis. Traveling expenses, photocopy fees (where requested), and fees for archive usage are charged extra.  Please contact me for a cost estimate on your specific research requirements.